What is membership?

You will be able to participate in point programs, use the AI chat consultation function, and ask Experiencer about issues that AI could not handle.
Membership registration is free, so please take advantage of this opportunity!

What can I do if I register as a member?


chat function

ChatGPT, the hottest artificial intelligence, is here to help you!

Anyone can enjoy chatting with ChatGPT after completing the membership registration.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence consultation service.

We can talk to anyone who is stressed, has problems, or wants to discuss business matters of any kind.

In addition, the conversation logs can provide hints and better advice.

ChatGPT will support you and help you solve the problem.

Chat with an Experiencer

You can chat with Experiencer.

We understand that it may be difficult to talk with them out of the blue, so let's chat first to exchange information, confirm a schedule for consultation, and then make a call.


Skill Registration

Want to get rewarded for registering your skills?

Any member can register multiple skills for free.

Skills are your strengths and experiences, including the little things you have experienced today.


call facility

Let's talk to Experiencer and work this out.

Experienshare allows you to speak directly with the Experiencer you are interested in using the call feature!

Please take advantage of this opportunity to directly ask for more in-depth information and recommendations that cannot be conveyed through text alone!

* As for out-of-service charges, calls are made over data communications, so packet charges will apply (calls to cell phone companies are not charged).


Various additional services

Experienshare always provides services with the customer's perspective in mind.

Some features not listed are also available for free.

Please stay tuned as we continue to develop our free services.

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